Visiting SEKEM, there was an exchange with Ibrahim Abouleish and Madjid Abdellaziz about various sustainable methods to revive the desert.
Ibrahim Abouleish is an Egyptian chemist and businessman who is committed to the social and material development of Egypt within the framework of the SEKEM initiative founded by him and who has created a large empire in the middle of the desert.
Abouleish was awarded the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize) in 2003.
The common thought, the love for nature and people connects SEKEM and Desert-Greening until today in friendship and partnership.
Abouleish studied technical chemistry in Graz from 1956. In 1960 he married a woman from Graz with whom he has two children. Abouleish received his doctorate in technical chemistry in 1969 and subsequently worked in a leading position in industrial pharmaceutical research.

During a visit to Egypt in 1977, he was depressed by the country's problems (lack of education, overpopulation, environmental pollution). In the same year he returned home and founded the development initiative SEKEM on 70 hectares of desert about 47 kilometres northeast of Cairo.

SEKEM (ancient Egyptian hieroglyph: "sunlike vitality") is today the market leader in organic agriculture and herbal remedies. The company is promoting the nationwide use of biodynamic cultivation methods with environmentally compatible pest control, especially in cotton cultivation. It runs schools, work and education programmes, a medical centre and an academy for applied arts and sciences.
(Source: Wikipedia)