Imagine you could make it rain in the desert and regain lost land and make it fertile...

Like everything began. Desert Greening "The Film"

Like everything began. Desert Greening "The Film"

Djanan is worth a trip
A trip to Laghouat in May 2013 provides impressive pictures from Djanan.

Architectural planning of Djanan
Designed by the young aspiring architect Isra Belalmi

Harmony of Spheres - From Victim to Creator

Rainengineering Sphere Harmony


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Call to all operators of a spherical harmony facility. Network and get in touch with the new center regarding an area-wide haemonization of spheres. Together against chemtrails and the drought in Germany 🇩🇪 🌧

Research on life energy - ways to live, that is the subtitle of this television film of the GDR television station DFF, which was broadcast in December 1991 on the penultimate day before the DFF stopped its program. Many thanks to Konrad Hoya for the release for publication on the internet.

2018: Iran suffers from a great drought. Desert Greening decides to act. IRAN has to import water as an oil exporter! One does not want in this respect however "any dependence on the foreign country".

2019: It rains again, more than ever before in the last 50 years.


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Radioactivity and orgone? What is the ORANUR effect and how does it develop? (Update)

Nationwide and worldwide action for "sphere harmonization" against chemtrails, HAARP and Mind Control❤️️🌎🤝🌦 What can we do against chemtrails? Worldwide Call! We must repeat the sovereignty over our heaven and our breath! There is no way around it.

Mini Harmony Systems

Construction of a spherical harmony plant
Do you know how a spherical harmony plant is built?

Desert Greening and the Millennium Lie

Jan Van Helsing notes the millennium lie in his book: "Madjid Abdellaziz has further developed the Wilhelm Reich technique so that safe handling has become possible".

Water shortage in Iran. OROP IRAN 2018

Sphere harmony in Iran


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12/2017 - 1/2: Madjid Abdellaziz: "Desert Greening" and "Sphere Acupuncture" harmonize the weather

06/17 - International Congress Healer Man, Healed Earth - Madjid Abdellaziz on Harmony of Spheres

11/2017 - Le Kabyle, Madjid Abdellaziz, chercheur-innovateur en génie de pluie chez INAS

11/2017 - BRTV LHOCINE ET MADJID - Chercheurs Kabyles en Allemagne - LTE de Dellys


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11/2016 - Erich Meidert: The Madjid Tower - an orgone programmer for humans, animals & plants

Negative influence of NHS on humans, animals and nature in connection with radioactivity.

Positive effect of the spherical harmony on nature.

Published on 07.04.2016

Madjid Abdellaziz: Sphere harmony: a solution for world peace?

Published on 22.04.2016

At a time when huge antenna systems (HAARP) are being used to dry out entire rivers and lakes and chemtrails are poisoning the skies worldwide, Madjid Abdellaziz's spherical harmony system has become an urgently needed answer to this problem.
I've had some problems. Algeria serves as an impressive example of the far-reaching effect of the Sphere Harmony complex, where a tense situation prevailed before the construction of the complex due to the threat of civil war.

07/2016 - Sky acupuncture - REGENMACHER - A desert blossoms again - B. Senf on the trail of W. REICH


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Lateral Thinking TV - Madjid Abdellaziz and Michael Vogt - "Desert Greening" and Sphere Harmony System (SHA) for Weather Harmonization

The lecture "Desert Greening and the Sphere Harmony System" was a huge success. 170 visitors were simply enthusiastic about Madjid Abdellaziz's presentations.

Published on 09.11.2015

Dipl.-Ing. Madjid Abdellaziz with Oliver Glöckner in an interview with Lebenskraft TV on the topic of "fears".


Dec / TIMETODO-TV - International Update (Paraguay)
Dipl.-Ing. Madjid Abdelaziz shows with impressive pictures and explanations how easy it is to support nature. The thanks - naturally ripened fruits full of sun and energy.
July / TIMETODO-TV - The Rainmaker in the Desert 2/2
Madjid Abdellaziz, has spent the last 20 years working on the developments of Tesla, Reich and Schauberger and bringing the knowledge together. The graduate engineer leads worldwide projects for the greening of barren landscapes and deserts. Clouds make or clouds prevent, everything is possible.
Feb / Integral Environmental Healing in Paraguay
Reforestation of arid areas in cooperation with TheParentTreeFarm

TheParentTreeFarm in Paraguay - unique ecological reforestation of destroyed rainforest Part 1


Event Horizon Congress
Concept and Summary of Integral Environmental Healing

The vision of Madjid Abdellaziz

A small trailer about Desert Greening

2012 - Part 1
The Rainmaker in the Desert
Creating paradises with Schauberger and Reich
Madjid Abdellaziz in conversation with Michael Vogt about his major desert greening project "Desert Greening" and its global resonance.
Free Energy Technologies - Congress for Limit Knowledge 2012
Desert Greening from the 50th minute
Heaven acupuncture for clearing up and combating drought
Series of events with Bernd Senf at the Competence Center for Quality of Life

What are clouds and NO clouds? The "RAIN MACHINE" Prof.Senf about W. Reich.

Prof.B.Senf ü. Wilhelm Reich - How do I control CLOUDS?

Heaven acupuncture in Mongolia
Cooperation with Galsan Tschinag

Heaven acupuncture in Mongolia

Documentary on Mongolian TV
English Project Description by Harald Kautz-Vella
Baldron Water Symposium, Oslo, April 2012
Project description in German by Harald Kautz-Vella
Baldron Water Symposium, Oslo, April 2012


Consciously TV energetic desert greening 1/4


Desert Greening at the Alpine Parliament 2/2

Professional tree nursery
of the sponsors of trees in Djanan


Alpine Parliament TV
The green garden in the desert 1/2
Tagesschau - Expensive Kalahari truffles grow in the Algerian desert
The Tagesschau reports on the most fertile spring in a decade and a blessed year for the population.


How it all began
Documentation of the beginnings

Where's Djanan?
Living cell El Haouita

cultivation of potatoes
El Haouita

Tree sponsorships
Sustainable afforestation by planting trees
Become a tree sponsor too

Bernd Mustard
Bioenergetic basics of desert greening


OROP Tlemcen 1999
On behalf of the Algerian Government
Aljazira TV 1999
Television report in the news about the operation in Tlemcen.