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Welcome to the Integral Environmental Healing Network

The Integral Environmental Healing Network is an open, non-political and non-denominational global association of free and open-minded people who are willing to confront the problems of our time in friendly solidarity and to selflessly contribute to their solution.

Let's work together.
Take advantage of synergies and profit from our global network and network with each other.
Get in touch with committed students, postgraduates, junior researchers and other freethinkers and be invited to networking meetings via an exclusive newsletter.

By joining, you release your details exclusively within the Integral Environmental Healing network and at the same time gain access to the exclusive internal list of members. In this way we network with each other and help to advance Integral Environmental Healing globally.
Exchange special knowledge about the current state of research of the spherical harmony systems. Get involved within the network and benefit from discounts on conferences (free participation), advanced training (30%), webinars (free of charge) and tree sponsorships (10%).
This website and much more is made possible by donations and membership fees. Thus the network can work self-determined and independently. And since we still have a lot planned, we need more (supporting) members and donations.
With a membership as a farm, initiative, company, or individual member, you support the research of integral environmental healing, the reforestation of arid areas, i.e. the greening of the desert and the expansion of the global network of spherical harmony plants.

Before you can join the network, your application will be evaluated on the basis of your letter of motivation and possibly a personal meeting via telephone call or meeting. Should we not be able to offer you membership, your contribution will be refunded immediately.
By joining, you undertake not to pass on information and contacts within the network to third parties.
Your information will be treated confidentially and will only be passed on to members within the network.
You can adjust the amount of your contribution to your possibilities.
Pupils and students receive a 30% (proof required):

By joining, you accept the conditions of this text and the statutes of the network.
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Do you still have questions about membership? Then simply contact us.

Your membership is valid for one year from conclusion of the contract and, if you wish, can be extended automatically until your resignation (check the box "Annual subscription"). Membership can be cancelled at any time by either party.

We are pleased that you would like to join the Integral Environmental Healing Network!

Maintain your contacts, build trust and give before you take! To harvest, you must first sow. Good, sustainable contacts need to be cultivated. Successful networking requires relaxed fun - and patience. Networks are win-win constellations. Don't just expect and take, but actively contribute your wealth of experience and the value you have to offer right from the start.

As a member of the network Integral Environmental Healing yourself with energetic people of the same mindset.
...make your commitment visible and inspire others a member you benefit from exclusive advantages to save the future of our children through integral environmental healing!

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