Holo-fractal harmonizer

When I saw that Geneva and Brussels were banning the fifth generation of the mobile network (5G) due to health concerns, I once again thought intensively about safety and effective protection.

Wilhelm Reich recognised electrosmog as early as the 1950s - which had a negative influence on living processes and caused life energy to solidify. This resulted in multiple functional disturbances of the organism. He treated his patients with ORGON energy and brought the life energy back into the natural flow.

I have further developed the technique of Wilhelm Reich, among others with that of Nicola Tesla, Kozyrev and my own research results, as well as combined with the power of sacred geometry and that of rock crystal and created an effective protection against 5G.


Electrosmog is harmful and very stressful for the organism of humans, animals and plants, just like the DOR described by Wilhelm Reich.

We are exposed to multiple, always present and polluting energy fields.

Among other things:

  • Alternating electric fields (low frequency)
  • Alternating magnetic fields (low frequency)
  • Electromagnetic waves (high frequency)
  • Electric constant fields (electrostatics)
  • Magnetic constant fields (magnetostatics)

Depending on our sensitivity, we feel stressed, tired, depressed or ill.In the meantime we are almost everywhere exposed to such fields and the phases in which we can regenerate become shorter and shorter.
The environment becomes acidic..

This is exactly where the Holo-Fractal harmonizercomes in. The "new" technologies described above are used sensibly.
The Holo-Fractal-Harmonizer changes the environment into a basic area, where nothing more can exist..
Computers, mobile phones, Dect-telephones, smart meters, electric cables, televisions or other devices no longer influence our organic functions negatively.

We can regenerate and strengthen ourselves at home.

Everything is vibration!

For indoor use.

Each harmonizer is a unique piece, consisting of a massive oak pentagon incl. flower of life, Shree Yantra stone of rock crystal in 3D cut, Tesla spiral and other high-quality, harmonizing components.

Price 995,00 €

Each piece is handcrafted in our factory, so that the delivery can be made in a very short time.
up to 2 weeks. We ask for your understanding. (Dimensions approx.: 55 cm high, 60 cm diameter)

Scientific development:

Science has unconsciously moved in the wrong direction.
Physics books are incomplete and not holistically written and really good inventions and discoveries, which could advance mankind and above all would not burden our mother earth, the blue planet, and all living beings living in and on it, but would strengthen, were suppressed.

But... Times are changing for the better and so a quantum leap is taking place for our civilization.

In addition to the magnetic and electric fields, which are well explained and researched, there is now gravity.
This makes it possible to harness the 0-point energy of magnetic fields.
Clever minds like Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger or Georges Lakhovsky have known for a long time that we are too one-sided in our research in the wrong direction.

For Schauberger the importance of the vortex and flow movement of water was of great importance, for Lakhovsky bioenergetic oscillation and resonance were important and Reich... he could have filled numerous volumes with his "new" knowledge!
But all these truly great discoverers were suppressed, hindered in their work or even fought against.

Also a controversial point was:
1) Albert Einstein describes the infinite - the gravitational fields
2) Max Planck has dealt with the infinitely small - the quantum.
But a round, holistic thing did not come about there either.

Matter and space:
The matter consists of 0,0000000001%.
The room consists of 99.999999999 %.

So what's more important?
But until now (at least in public) one has only explored matter but not space!!!

So what's more important?
But until now (at least in public) one has only explored matter but not space!!!

Vessels are formed from wet clay, but the emptiness in it makes it possible to fill the jugs.
A house is built of walls, broken through by doors and windows.
But the empty space, the nothing, makes it habitable.
The visible is useful, but the essential remains invisible.

The empty room is not empty. It is the place of the mighty physics!
(Nobel Prize winner John Archibald Wheeler)