Feng Shui means wind and water.

Feng Shui combines wind, water and desert with the methods of integral environmental healing. According to the vision of Madjid Abdellaziz, this virtual www will become a real green wide (2 km) wave that will cross the Sahara from Morocco to Saudi Arabia. People can settle here and secure their existence sustainably. This will make the green wave wider and wider and push back the desert. This will create a permanent microclimate. Desert becomes habitable land - first as a chain of single enclaves at a distance of 500 kilometres, later as two kilometres wide, closed, wave-shaped belt. In this way, refugees from Africa can be received in a newly created settlement area and learn how to heal the climate and how to confront the desert with forestry and agriculture.

If the refugees - perhaps already this year - come in greater numbers, the project should grow to the East as quickly as the refugee flows from the South make it necessary and possible through their labour force.

The Desert Greening Project, still the work and initiative of a family, which will then trade as a foundation, will provide for the rain, clarify questions of land law, and provide the knowledge that will turn the settlement in the green belt into an urban, self-sustaining and reproducing process.

Help for self-help - in questions of agriculture, architecture, social self-organisation.

The Green Wave is something that has never been seen before in this form. A land seizure by refugees who have to create their "land" themselves. As if on an empty sketchpad. Everything they do there is new, the crop, the architecture, the community. Everything develops from a germ cell, what is good is copied, what is bad is discarded. Reset.

Still from another perspective, Djanan is significant. The planet stands before a turn of time. The modern age as we know it is characterized by the monetary system and the resulting compulsion to grow. And modernity is throttling itself in the deficiency thinking on which it is based. Lack creates the reflex to hold on, cultural techniques have brought us "money" and "possession", and this holding on, the greed, creates more lack - a cybernetic control loop as it is written in the book. It is a disease that in these years passes from the chronic to the acute stage - ultimately to heal. The cancerous outgrowth of state control, the perversion of the financial industry and the consequent plunge of the population into deepest economic depression is the acute stage of this disease. Life by taking something from another - profit - will no longer exist in the future. This concept is strangling itself.


The change from thinking in terms of lack to thinking in terms of abundance is a change of order. Order changes of this kind follow certain mathematical rules. This is due to the non-linearity of social processes. Changes of order do not originate geographically in the heart of the existing systems, but from the periphery, the contact surfaces and points of neighbouring structures. There life first falls into a chaotic transitional state, there the new order is born, from there the new order infects the old, eats its way through the structures like a wildfire. Palestine is such a place, situated in the gulf between Europe, Asia and Africa, it fell into chaos at every turn of time as the first country into chaos and has always produced something new: the monotheistic religions, the loving god of Christianity, and today, thanks to the refugee camps of Gaza and southern Lebanon, the return of the region to subsistence farming and the redefinition of money into a charitable instrument. Berlin is such a place, between the West European and Russian spheres of influence, a melting pot - "too much strength in the lungs for too few trumpets" - with its inexorable search for new concepts of life, the self-sufficient, closed communities that emerge in the surrounding countryside. And the Sahara is such a place, the contact between the European and the African spheres. Djanan.

The background of the people who will find a new home in the wave is full of violence. A part of their souls will have gone through catharsis. A part will still remain in trauma. The physical violence of Africa meets the psychological violence of Europe. The people who come here have gone through fire. Each one through his own. They will heal together with nature.

These thoughts are relatively abstract - but we can learn something important from them: trust in the self-organizing forces of the refugees from Africa and Europe who will meet in Djanan. If life in El Haoiuta is born without money, this is not a lack, but an expression of excess. If there is no state control, but a society based on complete self-organisation, on competence and natural authority, on family and tribal structures, on the spiritual hierarchy of Sufism, which is widespread in North Africa, then this is not a lack of democratic culture, but a gain in freedom, in authenticity, an immediate manifestation of mental order in the social sphere. It is not anarchy that we must fear, because the moment of liberation from the subjugation suffered is expressed in the subjugation of others.

Be a desert, itself a complete expression of the principle of lack, a place of healing.

Vision comes true: “Southern side of the Atlas Mountains in Algeria turns green“

In the meantime, the Algerian Atlas Mountains have become significantly greener and the entire region can continue to benefit from integral environmental healing.


Until recently, Algeria suffered from a severe water shortage, so that water should even be imported.

Today, the water table has risen by 30 metres, the dams are full and agriculture is recovering.

In 2009, Algeria recorded a record grain harvest. In the year it was exactly the same. For the first time in Algeria's history grain could be exported.