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Starfire Mountain College Davos
8th Symposium of Consciousness - Pioneers of the New Era,
Saturday 10 August 2019 at the Kongresshaus Davos

Conference 12 & 13 Oct. 2019 at the Bürgerhaus Zähringen Freiburg

INK - Institute for Neurobiology after Dr. Klinghardt
29. – 30.03.2019

06/17 - International Congress Healer Man, Healed Earth - Madjid Abdellaziz on Harmony of Spheres

05/17 - Miniaturized spherical harmony system with great effect

Topic: Renowned and known from international projects for the harmonization of spheres, the "rainmaker" and "peacemaker" Dipl.-Ing. Madjid Abdellaziz in cooperation with the "Blue Planet" was able to realize the know how of the large spherical harmonic systems in a smaller form and thus make it more affordable. The currently increasing radioactivity in Europe is being explained by Russian interventions. The miniaturized systems now support the large spherical harmony systems in neutralizing the dangerous orange effect (see the book by Walter Russel: "Radioactivity: The Dead Principle of Nature").

After international successes in weather harmonization, the "rainmaker" continues to tirelessly work for Mother Earth in the service of nature.
With impressive pictures, examples and explanations he shows how important and at the same time simple it is to be able to have a healing effect on nature and mankind.

Over 40,000 trees have already been planted and the green wave to stop the flow of economic refugees continues to grow successfully with your support".

Negative influence of NHS on humans, animals and nature in connection with radioactivity.



Experience perhaps the most important online seminar of our time
'- Harmony of spheres: a solution for world peace? –


It does not depend on the circumstances,
It's what we make of it.

Would you like to do more for a peaceful coexistence, a spiritual liberation and the self-determination of human beings on a global level with all the negative reports and the world events coming to a head? But as an individual you do not know how?

There are many people who follow current events just as attentively as you do and perceive the change of times. They implement exactly what brings them closer to this goal. Despite all other obligations. But how can you do that? These people are by no means lucky or in better circumstances, but simply set priorities, join forces and concentrate on the constructive solutions of our time.

Do you want to make a difference and, as part of an awakened community, create something truly positive for the global common good? Then make time for what is really important to you, become active. That may sound hard, but it is. YOU decide your future.

The right time is always now!
are you experiencing perhaps the most important online seminar of our time on harmony of spheres - a solution for world peace?

At a time when huge antenna systems (HAARP) are trying to dry out whole rivers and lakes and chemtrails poison the skies worldwide, Dipl.Ing. Madjid Abdellaziz's spherical harmony system has proved to be a much needed answer to these problems.

Effect spectrum of the spherical harmony system:
'- Atmospheric Harmony
'=- Elimination of the effect of chemtrails
'=- Soothing effect on humans and animals
'=- Activation and harmonization of chakras
'=- broadening of consciousness
'=- Promotion and harmonisation of plant growth
- radius of action 500 km in radius around center

The calming effect on nature and especially on people is a side effect that came as a surprise without being planned. It has been shown that after a certain period of time, where the devices have been set up, people increasingly develop more joy of life and more strength for a peaceful, harmonious coexistence.

They will learn an incredible amount at the seminar:
Dipl. Ing. Madjid Abdellaziz is the inventor of the spherical harmony systems and the most successful builder and researcher in this field worldwide.
He will now personally answer your questions about the harmony of the spheres and be able to offer answers. It is about the mode of action on a holistic level, as well as about technology, the current state of research and the global networking of the spherical harmony systems and the reference to current world events.

It is also about the networking between operators of a spherical harmony facility and interested people with the same ideas and commitment regarding integral environmental healing.

A new location for a spherical harmony facility will also be determined. Please send us the coordinates in advance if you can provide a location.

We highly recommend this seminar to you, because it is based on the successes of the previous sphere acupuncture and an important building block for positive change in today's world. We know that it will also change your life.
All information about the event can be found here: {EventLink}}

Lassen Sie sich HIER von begeisterten Betreibern einer Sphärenharmonieanlage zu diesem Seminar inspirieren:

Erfahren Sie mehr zu den bereits existerenden Standorten einer Sphärenharmonieanlage:

Help us to green the desert and become a tree godfather. Plant a tree in the middle of the desert and create an oasis. The recovery of the deserts through reforestation and integral environmental healing via sky acupuncture is possible.
Plant a tree now.

Here you can see how integral environmental healing has already brought about successful changes. (Min 25:45)

The seminar costs will be used for the construction of a spherical harmony facility as part of a joint project. Find out more here:
Erfahren sie hier mehr dazu:
In the links listed below you will find information about structure, effect and more..
We recommend that you look at them one by one.

Conclusion quote:
the more we live our dreams,
the stronger we become.

Many greetings
Desert Greening,
Integral environmental healing


Past Events



Integral environmental healing

Madjid Abdellaziz on Integral Environmental Healing, Djanan, on current world events and the work of the Sphere Harmonization Facility. In the last 20 years he has been occupied with the developments of Tesla, Reich and Schauberger and brought the knowledge together. The graduate engineer leads worldwide projects for the greening of barren landscapes and deserts. Clouds make or clouds prevent, everything is possible.



TIMETODO-TV - International Update (Paraguay)
Topic: Dipl.-Ing. Madjid Abdelaziz shows with impressive pictures and explanations how easy it is to support nature. The thanks - naturally ripened fruits full of sun and energy. The projects of the "rainmaker" bring food, work and future and Africa needs this more urgently than ever. A green belt across North Africa, no mother and her children will climb on a shaky refugee boat and sail into a dangerous and uncertain future. Let us invest in a development aid for self-help.

Heal the earth and you will be whole.

15Juli20:30 Live
TIMETODO-TV - The Rainmaker in the Desert 2/2
Theme: Madjid Abdellaziz, has been working with the developments of Tesla, Reich and Schauberger for the last 20 years and has brought the knowledge together. The graduate engineer leads worldwide projects for the greening of barren landscapes and deserts. Clouds make or clouds prevent, everything is possible.

Alban Hevin - Summer solstice party
alban hevin programm

The project Desert Grenning - desert greening after Wilhelm Reich" - Freiraum Bad Steben
Place:Hans Georg Ernst
Erlich 6
D – 95138 Bad Steben
Phone: (0049) 09288 - 5508590

Mr. Water - Combating Drought and Greening Deserts through Integral Environmental Healing



3rd CONSCIOUS OF ITS CONGRESS / 29 and 30 June 2013 in Munich

Time for Change / Finally live who we really are

Find paradise in your heart
In the beginning there was nothing but sand, heat and scorpions...
In order for life to emerge again at all, the numbness had to be removed and another energy had to flow. When Madjid Abdellaziz was given a second life in the desert, he had a vision: A green strip of life, across the Algerian Sahara! But as is so often the case, great visions begin with small steps, little-noticed successes and unconventional ideas, which at best are ridiculed by the ruling dogma. But despite all the resistance and doubt attacks, something began in Algeria in 2005 that was to change the face of Africa...Place:
Adolf-Kolping-Strasse 1, 80336 Munich, Germany

Homa Vedische Feuertechnik für das gesamte Ökosystem Lecture & practical introduction with Bernd Frank
With Agnihotra it is possible to purify the atmosphere, the soil and the water. It helps to restore the ecological balance, it supports the health of humans, animals and plants, harmonizes body, mind and soul and promotes one's own inner spiritual growth.
The life energy - orgone, chi, prana - is strengthened and can flow and pulsate harmoniously again.
In the minute of sunset we perform the Agnihotra fire ritual togetherOrt:freiraum Bad Steben - Wenzstr. 4 - 95138 Bad Steben
Date:Friday 28. June | 19.30 to 22.00 o'clock - admission 9,- €
Registrations to Hans Georg Ernst - Erlich 6 - 95138 Bad Steben
Organizational:Tel: 09288-5508590

The miracle of desert greening

The miracle of desert greening

Desert-Greening is a pilot project, which was initiated about 8 years ago by Dipl.-Ing. Madjid Abdellaziz. Based on a method he calls "Acupuncture of the Heavens" or "Feng Shui of the Heavens", he succeeded in transforming desert areas in his home country Algeria into blooming landscapes. This sensational project has attracted international attention through media contributions, for example on or Madjid has shown the world with a lot of heart commitment that the generation of natural and abundant rain without chemicals and electrical energy is also possible in drought and desert areas. We are pleased that Madjid will present his desert project here in Vaterstetten in the context of a lecture and cordially invite you to this lecture.

Location: Water Centre Vaterstetten Eichhörnchenweg 30a, 85598 Baldham, Germany
Date:Thursday, 18.04.2013 | 19:00 Uhr
Organizational matters:Please register under 08106 899 027

19April19:00 Live

Heal the atmosphere and the atmosphere heals you

Agnihotra is a fire technique described in the thousands of years old Vedas. Through its revival we have been given help for many problems of today. With Agnihotra a purification of earth, air and water is possible, it can support the health of humans, animals and plants, it can regenerate the psyche, harmonize the weather and many other things.

Agnihotra is the basic Homa fire technique based on the biorhythm of sunrise and sunset and is already found in the ancient Vedic sciences. In the Vedas the central thought for the purification of the atmosphere is described.

Place:Antonius-Schwaige, Antonius-Schwaige 47, 85049 Ingolstadt, Germany
Date:Friday, 19 April 2013, 19.00 hrs - Admission: 18.00 hrs
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Admission:10 € at the box office
Ticket reservation necessary for organisational reasons:
-Click here for ticket reservation-

20Apr19:00 Live
Energy and power locations - Bad Steben

The project "Desert Greening" for the greening of the desert in Djanan/Algeria

is making very great progress in sustainable "Integral Environmental Healing". The former desert has now become a green paradise. The work of Madjid Abdelladziz incorporates the knowledge of Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla and Walter Russel. An important part of the work is the Vedic fire technique Agnihotra for healing the atmosphere.

On this evening Madjid Abdellaziz will present his project, the current development and his further visions of a green belt through the Sahara and worldwide new projects.

The lecture will take place on:
Saturday 20 April
from 19 o'clock in the open space Bad Steben,
Wenzstraße 4,
95138 Bad Steben.
The entrance fee is 13,- €,
Register here : "REGISTRATION"
please contact Hans Georg Ernst at Tel: 09288 - 5508590 or send an e-mail to an.

You will then receive a confirmation with the request for advance payment. The income will be used exclusively to cover the costs, Mr. Abdelladziz does not take any fee. Any surplus will flow into further tree sponsorships to Djanan or into the building of the hall.

TIMETODO-TV - The Rainmaker in the Desert 2/2
desert greening_ArandaThe lecture will take place on:
Sonntag 10. März
um 19 Uhr im Vereinshaus Algund


The green deserts, they're coming. Integral Environmental Healing 2012
Lecture by Dipl. Ing. Madjid Abdellaziz about the opening of the project on an international level and possibilities and results for other parts of the world. Healing the atmosphere after Reich and Schauberger - or - Heaven can kiss the earth again.
This poetic expression from Feng Shui describes a fundamental effect of weather healing: Heaven and earth are exchanged again after a long, long "radio silence". Clouds form in the sky due to the special "Heaven-Akkupuncture" (Wilhelm Reich), it rains, and the ground becomes soft and receptive.Luisenstr. 54
10117 Berlin

Lecture: Desert Greening in Arnbruck
In 93471 Arnbruck
Zellertal 13
Cost contribution: voluntary donation

TV Switzerland 5 - Time to do - Fengshui of the sky
desert greening integral environmental healing.
Water is life. When it rains in the desert then miracles happen and everything turns green and blossoms. The sky can kiss the earth again, life arises and brings forth paradisiacal states like here in Djanan. The energy blockades dissolve and everything flows again.
For decades good land has been lost with the expansion of deserts and the desert seems to advance unstoppably. But this process is only seemingly unstoppable. Through integral environmental healing, including the production of natural rain, the process can be halted and reversed. Desert becomes habitable land again and land threatened by drought is no longer lost. Thus, the solution to a long-standing problem has been found for future generations.; c/o Switzerland5; Lotzwilstrasse 66; 4900 Langenthal

10NovSa – So
Federal Party Congress 2012 - If the earth were a bank... would have saved her by now!
Going new ways - The future is not without alternatives! Paradise is a state of the heart.
the largest desert project in the world to date. In northern Africa it has been possible to create rain clouds again and again, which are necessary for productive green fields. In this 30 hectare paradise ("Djanan") fruit trees, potatoes and salad have been growing since then.
Deserts devour fertile land all over the world. A third of the entire earth's surface threatens to become a desert. Excessive land use and grazing as well as deforestation are mainly responsible; the increased use of biofuel further increases the tendency. As a result, 135 million people will lose their homes and be forced to flee. Conventional science is watching helplessly. Madjid Abdellaziz from Berlin has proven with a model project for the greening of the desert - based on the research of Wilhelm Reich - that such a horror scenario does not have to occur.
The term orgone goes back to the great researcher Wilhelm Reich. He was able to prove that when matter disintegrates, microorganisms emerge from themselves and that this process is always accompanied by shimmering blue light. Venue: German Democratic Party; Johannes Albers Allee 3; 53639 Königswinter;; Tel.0 22 23 / 730

Mr. Water
desert greening integral environmental healing.
Madjid Abdellaziz is a Berlin-born Algerian by birth who, after studying computer science, explored the possibilities of desert greening according to the well-known theories of Wilhelm Reich and Victor Schauberger. When Algeria suffered from an extreme drought in 2003, Madjid decided, after some deliberations, to support his native country in the fight against the drought in an extraordinary way.
Since EM Wassertechnologie GmbH uses the same technology in its Joana energy module as Madjid does for his "sky acupuncture", we feel a special connection to the Desert Greening project. We are therefore pleased that Madjid will present his desert project on 25.10.2012 here in Vaterstetten.venue:
Sports restaurant "Charly e amici" in the sports stadium Vaterstetten (UG)
Baldhamerstr. 100
85591 Father Stetten
Invitation as Pdf for download here

Alpine Parliament TV
Make rain: Creating paradises with Schauberger and Reich - Alpine Parliament 2012.
Lecture by Dipl. Ing. Madjid Abdellaziz about the opening of the project on an international level and possibilities and results for other parts of the world. Healing the atmosphere after Reich and Schauberger - or - Heaven can kiss the earth again.
This poetic expression from Feng Shui describes a fundamental effect of weather healing: Heaven and earth exchange again after a long, long "radio silence". Clouds form in the sky due to the special "Heaven-Akkupuncture" (Wilhelm Reich), it rains, and the ground becomes soft and receptive.

New Earth Lecture - Ingolstadt
desert greening integral environmental healing.
Madjid will report on the current situation in Djanan and bring tea and truffles. In a part of his talk Madjid will also talk about his travels to Mongolia and Tamera/Portugal. By popular request he also talks about chemtrails in connection with the Wilhelm Reich and Nikola Tesla technology.
FC Gerolfing Sports Restaurant (Eichenwald Stadium)
Wolfsgartenstr. 6
85049 IngolstadtAdmission: 5 Euro (expenses/travel costs for speakers)
Please register by mail for the purpose of room planning.
Further information can be found on our website:

Desert LIMITATION through Integral Environmental Healing
Guest lecture by Madjid Abdellaziz following the film
The documentation focuses on integral environmental healing for the recovery of arid areas. Authentic documentary material illustrates the work of Madjid Abdellaziz on Djanan and gives the audience an insight into the work and the natural events on site:
Usch Schmitz & Kraft Wetzel GbR
Uferstrasse 12, 13357 Berlin-Wedding
Current program
Films for heart, mind and soul

10Apr10. – 23.04
Rain project of the Galsan Tschinag Foundation - Mongolia
Rain project of the Galsan Tschinag Foundation - Mongolia
Madjid Abdellaziz (Algeria, Sahara) and Paul Jakubczyk (Germany, Weimar) have been working on a rain project (sky acupuncture) in Mongolia at the invitation of the foundation since the beginning of April. On April 9, the plant was completed and the first "operation" started.
Although the weather forecast for April 9 was only slightly cloudy, the weather changed during the operation.
The light clouds became a closed cloud cover with occasional snow showers and minus temperatures. The weather forecast had to be rewritten. The next day the air was of a refreshing clarity and the usual smog over the city was nothing to be seen. The sky also took on a deep blue vivid colour and the sky acupuncture took place about 15 km from the centre of Ulaanbaatar, on the premises of a friendly tree nursery. The sky acupuncture will be continued.

2nd International Water Symposium in Tamera
Retention Landscapes in Response to Desertification and Globalization.
Tamera has invited water specialists and decision makers from many countries. Examples such as the water retention landscape of Tamera will be used to show and think through how desertification can be reversed and how many of the earth's landscapes can be healed. Among the speakers: Sepp Holzer, permaculture specialist and agrarian rebel from Austria, who supports people and communities worldwide in building water landscapes, Rajendra Singh, the "Water Gandhi" from India, who has already built hundreds of water retention spaces in Rajasthan, John D., who is also a member of the "Water Gandhi" project. Liu, a filmmaker who reported on large-scale landscape healing in China and the USA, Madjid Abdellaziz, the founder of Desert Greening, Algeria, Nora van Cauwenbergh of UNESCO, Belgium, Martin Vilela of the Agua Sustentable Foundation, Bolivia, Catherine Austin-Fitts, Community Economics Expert, USA and many others,
Zurich, Switzerland,
Venue: Tamera - Peace Research Centre
Monte do Cerro
7630-392 Reliquias, PortugalIn the name of a future worth living! A warm welcome.
To the Homepage of Tamera

18Apr19 – 20:00
Who's afraid of William Reich?
Innsbruck Medical University
The Forgotten in Pschoanalysis"
Film with Discussion Lecturers
Film screening as part of the series "Die Vergessenen in der Pschoanalyse" (The Forgotten in Pschoanalysis)
followed by discussion with Nicolas Dabelstein (filmmaker) and Harald Kautz-Wella from Desert Greening (Algeria)More information
The film, created by Nicolas Dabelstein, is the life and work of one of the "forgotten psychoanalysts", Wilhelm Reich.
Following this, a discussion will take place with the director and Dipl.Ing. Kautz-Well, who is involved in a project of greening desert landscapes in the tradition of Reich's orgone theory, about the significance and existence of Wilhelm Reich's work - as well as the reasons for his forgetting.
Institute for Psychosocial Intervention and Communication Research / Society for Psychoanalysis at the University of InnsbruckDie Bäckerei Dreiheiligen,
Dreiheiligenstrasse 21 a,
6020 InnsbruckRegistration is not required
Admission / Costs: Voluntary donations

Bernd Senf on Wilhelm Reich 9th heaven acupuncture for clearing up and combating drought
Bernd Senf on Wilhelm Reich - Fundamentals of living development. 9. sky acupuncture for clearing up and combating drought
Slideshow: Madjid Abdellaziz


Kino am Ufer | Film & Discussion

Kino am Ufer shows the film "Who is afraid of Wilhelm Reich?". The film is followed by a discussion with Madjid Abdellaziz.

19:00 | Cinema on the shore | Uferstr.12

Berlin Innovation Discussion Group:
Alternatives in Work, Technology, Companies and Regions

Catholic Academy 19:00 - Berlin Mitte, Hannoverschestr.5

in view of a constantly threatening decline of fertile soils worldwide, with simultaneous increase of the world population, it seems today more than justified to speak in analogy to the "peak oil" also of a "peak oil" (= the consumption of usable soil is already exceeded) and to draw from it urgently necessary consequences.
The enormous economic, social and political consequences of the decline in arable land and the deterioration in soil fertility caused by the methods of industrial agriculture practiced today affect all of us in our existence.
The safeguarding of the livelihoods of humans, animals and plants is existentially threatened by the continuation of economic concepts practiced today. We must finally remember again the wisdom of the Indians that the soil (Mother Earth) is the basis of our existence for us human beings...

Orgonlounge | Wednesday 19:30 Green Salon, Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
Integral environmental healing in the Algerian desert - with Reich's Cloudbuster and other, partly unconventional methods
(Lecturer: Dipl.Ing Madjid Adbellaziz)


Desert Greening,
Presentation of an environmental project by Dipl.Ing. Madjid Abdellaziz
Bochumer Str. 25
10555 Berlin (Moabit)
Subway Turmstraße
Tel. 030 – 392 20 10

CROPfm at 92.6 Mhz
Live edition of CROPfm on 08.10.2010 at 19:00 at 92.6 Mhz - the frequency of Radio Helsinki - in the Graz/Styria area also available online. For questions and comments during the show, please contact CROPcom - the liveChat.
Over 30 million square kilometres of the earth's surface are covered with desert - and the trend is rising. Every year, countless people lose their livelihood through desertification, yet no herb seems to have grown against the spreading drought.
The computer scientist Madjid Abdellaziz, born in Algeria, has been working since 1994 on various approaches to weather control by Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla et al. and has been putting them into practice since 1999. In the programme, the weather researcher, who lives in Germany, will talk about the basics of his work and also discuss the very successful project in El Haouita/Laghouat (Algeria). Is it really possible to create a microclimate with the means employed that can stabilise the regional climate by its own efforts? What would be the possibilities of such a technology, and is there also a downside? Madjid Abdellaziz on Desert Greening - the greening of deserts...

Alpine Parliament TV The Green Garden in the Desert - Desert Greening
Dipl.-Ing. Madjid Abdellaziz, founder and operator of "dessert greening" gives an up-to-date overview of his sensational project in conversation with Michael Vogt.
Watch the film and interview now.

Binnotec Info Evening
Desert-Greening, Report about a desert greening project in Algeria, where within 6 years an oasis was created from a desert piece. In reference to Wilhelm Reich: CloudbustingWandel-Laden
Crellestr. 27
10827 Berlin Schöneberg

Man - Nature - Society |Thursday 18-21.15 Public series of events by Bernd Senf

Desert greening through integral environmental healing:
News from the model project Algeria - with Madjid Abdellaziz

Thursday, 18 - 21.15 h, University of Economics and Law (Branch Office) Babelsberger Str. 14-16
10825 Berlin-Schöneberg

Near underground station Berliner Straße (U7, U9, Bus 104) Admission free

2nd Future-Earth-Festival

30th event of the working group Berlin

10th Luneburg Film Festival | Extras | SCALA Programmkino Luneburg

OROP ALGERIA 2005 - 2009
By Madjid Abdellaziz The film about the Desert-Greening project shows the successful method of curing the damaged environment with various bioenergetic methods - a model that is trend-setting.
Madjid Abdellaziz has been working for more than ten years on the development of the technique for the production of natural rain: the so-called sky acupuncture. He has carried out a desert greening project in Algeria and will report on his valuable experiences. | Sky acupuncture with the "Cloudbuster" | Program info (.pdf)


International Precious Metals & Commodities Fair Event Arena, Olympic Park Munich

Integral environmental healing in the Algerian desert - with Reich's Cloudbuster and other, partly unconventional methods

(Lecturer: Dipl.Ing Madjid Adbellaziz

Desert greening through integral environmental healing Schloss Biesdorf

Desert Greening through Integral Environmental Healing with Prof. Bernd Senf & Madjid Abdellaziz

Castle Biesdorf (at the B1)
Old Biesdorf 55
12683 Berlin-Biesdorf

Studio am Schloss | Exhibition |Colour Sounds by Joachim Hohensinn
Presentation of the "Desert Greening" project
STUDIO AM SCHLOSSCharlottenburger Ufer 9
10587 Berlin
Near castle
U-7 Richard Wagner Square
Bus 109 and 145

Alpine Parliament TV The sky can kiss the earth again 1/2
Lecture by Dipl. Ing. Madjid Abdellaziz about healing the atmosphere after Reich and Schauberger - or - Heaven can kiss the earth again.
This poetic expression from Feng Shui describes a fundamental effect of weather healing: Heaven and earth exchange again after a long, long "radio silence". Clouds form in the sky due to the special "Heaven-Akkupuncture" (Wilhelm Reich), it rains, and the ground becomes soft and receptive.
Water is stored, the groundwater level rises. Plants grow and cool the soil (Victor Schauberger). At the same time, water evaporates and the ambient temperature drops. Everything is in motion (Feng Shui), in complete contrast to the previously breeding heat. Even the sky is no longer simply deep blue, but becomes alive again through wind and clouds. A lively exchange of energy takes place and there is a varied weather event, which did not take place before. The tension is released, heaven and earth kiss again. From WWW later wind - water - desert as a 1km wide green wave will cross the desert from Morocco to Saudi Arabia.

Forum Berufsbildunge.V. 19:00 - Desert Greening through Integral Environmental Healing
Dipl.-Ing. Madjid Abdellaziz, founder and operator of "dessert greening" gives an up-to-date overview of his sensational project in conversation with Michael Vogt.

University of Applied Sciences for Economics Introduction to the work of Wilhelm Reich Neues on desert greening

Winter term 2008/2009
FHW Berlin, Badenschestr. 50/51, 10835 Berlin-Schöneberg, near U-Bhf Bayrischer Platz Admission free

From the series of events by Bernd Senf

So that heaven will kiss the earth again
Pilot project Integral Environmental Healing in the Algerian Desert - with Reich's Cloudbuster and other, partly unconventional methods
(Lecturer: Dipl.Ing Madjid Adbellaziz)

Taijiquan & Qigong Network Germany | Festival Future Earth Berlin

Bioenergetic Vitalization of the Earth - Introduction

Integral Environmental Healing in the Algerian Desert
with Reich's Cloudbuster and others,
partly unconventional methods
(Lecturer: Dipl.Ing Madjid Adbellaziz)


Bernd Senf - Bioenergetic basics of desert greening


Jan24th +25th Luneburg Film Festival
Feb 23. Mr. Water15th Cinema & Cafe at the
17th Ufer Competence Centre
25th Berlin New Earth
23. orgone lounge18th Technical school for for
Economy (FHW) Berlin
10th Vocational Training Forum
19th FHW Berlin
27. practice speech therapy Berlin
March 22.Bad Steben 10.ARANDA 22nd Intern. Water Symposium 12th -14th Future Earth
17th working group berlin
Taijiquan & Qigong Network Germany
April18. Mr. Water.
20.Bad Steben
06.cinema & cafe on the shore
10th Galsan Chinag
18.Med Univ Insbruck
May 18th New Earth
25th cinema & cafe on the shore
16th Alpine Parliament TV
June 21.Alban Hevin 28th Homa/Vedic Fire Technology 07th Binnotec Info Evening23. studio at the castle
Juli15th TimetodoTV
29th Awareness Congress 15th Catholic Academy Berlin
Aug23rd Alpine Parliament TV
Sept 07.Ereignishorizont Kongress 23.Alpenparlament TV 15.Kino & Cafe am Ufer
Okt 25.Mr.Water06.CropFM
27th Biesdorf Castle
Nov10th federal party conference
13.Schweiz5 Timetodo
19th Africa House Berlin
Dec 12th Wednesday Society